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MSU PH 2223 Lab

Section 14

Spring 2012

Wednesday: 2000 - 2150

Hilbun 341

Fortunately you won't have to solder! 

Welcome to the wonders of physics. This is the website for the class of PH 2223 Lab Section 14 and I love teaching this lab especially since it is full of exiting stuff. All you got to do is

  1. Do your pre-labs worksheets
  2. Come to the lab and do the experiment
  3. Submit the lab report with a conclusion paragraph and the data sheet.

You'll find all that is required for the lab class here.

I will try to make available as much as +10% of your usual total grade in the form of extra credit questions.

Remember better lab grade means better course grade.

Please ask questions, if you have them (or even otherwise!). Questions are the only way one can truly explore.

If there are any updates and information, this is place you’ll want to keep a check on. I will post updates here timely, as and when the necessity arises. Also posted here are handouts.

Have any problem outside of the labs,

My office hours are

Mondays and Fridays: 1600 – 1700

in Hilbun 040 or in the basement of Harned Hall (just next to the green house - machine room).

or leave a message from the contact page on this website. A link to the contact page is available on the left hand side panel.

Remember, without the 6 digit number, your grade is not tagged.

Refer to the ‘first day handout’ for all other details (Look down, you'll find a PDF file)

Note: To view most of the materials posted on this website, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free by clicking the link below.

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Prajwal T. Mohan Murthy,
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