Project 8

Supported by National Science Foundation Grant PHY 

    Project 8 is aimed at measuring the absolute mass of the neutrino using a novel technique dubbed "Cyclotron Relativistic Electron Spectroscopy". The technique basically involves measuring the mass of neutrinos by mapping the beta spectrum of electrons from Tritium beta decay using their cyclotron radiation. I was involved in development of a multipurpose fast data acquisition board. I am also interested in using the setup to test fundamental symmetries.
Waterfall plot: Time evolution of cyclotron radiation frequency.


Haystack Observatory, MIT

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of Washington

  • Prof. P. Doe
  • Dr. M. Fertl
  • E. L. McBride
  • M. L. Miller
  • Prof. R. G. H. Robertson (PI)
  • Prof. L. J. Rosenberg
  • Dr. G. Rybka
  • Dr. M. G. Sternberg
  • N. L. Woods

Yale University

  • Dr. P. Slocum