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Pion Photo Production using GiBUU

Supported by U.S. Department of Energy DE-FG02-07ER41528
Fig.1a,1b. The fundamental pion photo-production reactions

The CLAS Collaboration at JLAB performed the experiment and the experimental data regarding the cross sections of nucleons in the Photo Production of Pions was made available. But, it has raised questions of its own. Certain parts of the data look queer and we don’t know if it is another nuclear resonance or something more interesting! Beyond the observations, there exist no theoretical calculations for cross sections of photo pions at about 3GeV making predictions baseless. 

So, we are trying to simulate the reaction using the GiBUU code and test the underlying theoretical model to see if the known theory can explain the data obtained. So far we have been able to implement the basic exclusive pion production reaction, and it matches the data! If we are able to use GiBUU to accurately predict the cross section outcomes of the above three reactions, some extra effects such as Pauli blocking, multiple pion production, etc. may be introduced and the same theory may be used to compute photo pion cross sections over photon scattering over more complicated nuclei including more than one proton and neutron such as helium.