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Diamond Detector and the CODA DAQ


                                          Fig.1.The detector chip in its housing                                       Fig.2.The DATA Q Setup           

A robust data acquisition system for particle detectors is being developed. The detectors and initial data acquisition platform were worked on by a couple of Dr. DD’s graduate students. We are trying to develop a versatile DATA Q that can be used as a plug - in interface to obtain data from any particle detector directly (and easily!). Since,  the diamond detector was being developed and characterized here at Mississippi State University Physics Department, we thought we as well use the home detector for data feed. The data acquisition system called CODA-Lite, which we are trying to adapt to our lab is basically a UNIX based C program working on a CAEN 785 VME board. Later on, we plan to add some more contraptions (boards) to our present system!

           The diamond electron detector was characterized here at our Target and Detector Lab and is made up of a 50 channel diamond crystal semiconductor. The detector now sits inside the QWeak experiment in JLAB and was used to calibrate the electron beam.

Diamond Detector and DATAQ System Pictures © Dr.Dipangkar Dutta