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            "Looking for tiny particles using small budgets"

    MASS Collaboration is a small group within the MSSTATE Medium Energy Nuclear Physics Group. The group is actively searching for light axions in the 10-100meV sector using a pair of hybrid RF resonance cavities via the "light shining through a wall" (LSW) technique. The experiment derives a lot of its motivation and physics goals from ADMX at CENPA in University of Washington and GammeV at FermiLab. The collaboration is mainly based at Mississippi State University across two departments and two affiliated research centers.

Jefferson Science Associates LLC. , Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Mississippi State Consortium
Department of Physics and Astronomy , Mississippi State University
Office of Research and Economic Development, Mississippi State University
Shackouls Honors College, Mississippi State University
College of Arts and Sciences, Mississippi State University
Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
High Performance Computing Collaboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University
Ben Ardahl, Dipangkar Dutta*, Nicholas Fowler, Mikhail Gaerlan, 
Kris Madsen, Adam Powers, Amy Ray, David Reed, Robertsen Riehle, 
Mitra Shabestari, Zachary Windham

High Performance Computing Collaboratory
R. Torsten Clay

Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Stephen Horstemeyer

Laboratory for Nuclear Science, MIT
Joseph A. Formaggio, Prajwal T. Mohanmurthy#, Noah S. Oblath

* PI : ddutta AT msstate DOT edu
#  Coordinator : prajwal AT mohanmurthy DOT com