Prajwal T. Mohan Murthy                            Swiss National Fellow


Doctoral Candidate
Concentration: Experimental Nuclear Physics
Thesis: "Search for Neutron Electric Dipole Moment and Physics Beyond Standard Model"

S.M. Physics 2015 MIT - LNS, USA
Concentration: Nuclear Physics

Honors B.S. 2012 Mississippi State University, USA
Majors: Physics, Math; Minors: Chemistry, Computer Science


ETH Zürich
Graduate Research Fellow '15 -

Paul Scherrer Institute
Research Assistant '15 -
Visiting Assistant Staff '12 - '15
Summer Intern '12

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Graduate Research Assistant '15 -
Graduate Research Fellow '13 - '15

Jefferson Lab
User '13 -
JSA Research Fellow '12 - '13
Summer Intern '10

High Performance Computing Center
CCS Research Fellow '13

Mississippi State University
Undergraduate Research Assistant '09 - '12
Teaching Assistant '10 - '12

Fermi Lab
IPM Summer Intern '11

Raman Research Institute
Visiting Student '07 - '09


Current Students

In practice, we always need good and motivated students. So feel free to get in touch with me (or one of my higher ups: Links) regarding student positions.

Former Students

Kris Madsen - Mississippi State Axion Search
  2012-16: Mississippi State University, BS '16
Mikhail Gaerlan - Mississippi State Axion Search
  2010-12, 13-16: Mississippi State University, BS '16
Brittney Johnson - Project8
  2014-15: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, SB '17
Yipeng Jiang - Mississippi State Axion Search
  2013-15: Mississippi State University, MS '15
Vina Nguyen - Coupled Global Pendulum
  2012-13: Mississippi State University, BS '16
Jonathan Sandlin - Mississippi State Axion Search
  2012-13: Mississippi State University, BS '16
Zachary Windham - Mississippi State Axion Search
  2012-13: Mississippi State University, BS '16

Curriculum Vitae

Available upon request, for a specific purpose.

There are things on the CV which I personally don't feel the need to be shown off on a day to day basis. Personal achievements should remain personal. I deeply believe that honors and awards should play a lesser role in judging one's professional abilities.

Recent Publications

Please find all my papers on:
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