Prajwal T. Mohan Murthy                            Swiss National Fellow


Doctoral Candidate  Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

M.S. Physics 2015 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, USA

B.S. (Hons) Physics 2012 Mississippi State University, MS, USA


ETH Zurich
Graduate Research Assistant '15 -

Paul Scherrer Institute
Research Scientist '15 -
Visiting Assistant Staff '12 - '15
Summer Intern '12

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Visiting Research Assistant '15 -
Graduate Research Assistant '13 - '15

Jefferson Lab
User '13 -
JSA Research Fellow '12 - '13
Summer Intern '10

High Performance Computing Center
CCS Research Fellow '13

Mississippi State University
Undergraduate Research Assistant '09 - '12
Teaching Assistant '10 - '12

Fermi Lab
Summer Intern '11

Raman Research Institute
Visiting Student '08


  • PH 2223 Lab : Electronics for Physicists (Spring 2011, 2012)
  • PH 1123 Lab : Electronics for non-technical majors (Fall 2011)
  • PH 1113 Lab : Mechanics for non-technical majors (Fall 2010)


Current Students

Kris Madsen - Mississippi State Axion Search
  Mississippi State University
Yipeng Jiang - Mississippi State Axion Search
  Mississippi State University
Mikhail Gaerlan - Mississippi State Axion Search
  Mississippi State University

Former Students

Vina Nguyen - Coupled Global Pendulum
  Mississippi State University
Jonathan Sandlin - New Axion Search
  Mississippi State University
Zachary Windham - Mississippi State Axion Search
  Mississippi State University

Curriculum Vitae

Available upon request, for a specific purpose.

There are things on the CV which I personally don't feel the need to be shown off on a day to day basis. Personal achievements should remain personal. I deeply believe that honors and awards should play a lesser role in judging one's professional abilities.

Recent Publications

Please find all my first authored papers on ArXiv or Spires.

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